Old Friends: A Simon & Garfunkel Tribute

Nick Foresman & Jason Elsenheimer have been playing music together for over 26 years. Friends since the 7th grade, they began their musical careers by performing Simon & Garfunkel songs for family and friends at various social gatherings.

When Nick & Jason decided to put together a Simon & Garfunkel tribute show, it seemed so natural that they wondered why they hadn't thought of it sooner. They had already been singing these songs for over 25 years and that’s almost as long as the real Simon & Garfunkel.

So after a year of talk and nearly 2 years of rehearsing, refining the songs and working with some of most talented musicians available they were able to put together an amazing live show complete with a full 7 piece band; drums, bass, electric guitars, piano/keyboards and horn section. Nick was even able to locate and purchase the exact acoustic guitar model that Paul Simon used in the 1981 concert.

There is no other Simon & Garfunkel tribute show that even comes close. Old Friends pays ultimate homage to this amazing American duo in their most memorable performance ever and stays true to the beauty of their timeless songs. Nick & Jason's warm, blending harmonies, crisp guitar work and attention to every detail make Old Friends the premier Simon & Garfunkel tribute show.

Jedi Mind Trip

And what a "Trip" these guys are.  Such talent spewing out of every musician.  It's nice to see musicians take such enjoyment AND pride in their performances.  Jedi Mind Trip is a band based out of Saginaw that has be traveling across the Midwest for over 25 years.  Their perfect blend of 70s, 80s & 90s rock  will surely entertain fans of all genres & ages.  I have seen a lot of very good bands, bands that do a darn good job of such classics from the likes of Kansas & Boston and I have yet to see anyone nail it like Jedi Mind Trip. Every show will be sure to leave the audience begging for more.

Mega 80s

Mega 80s.  There should be no surprises what type of music these guys play.  A concert event that brings us all out of the 80's fashion closet.  The fans are just as entertaining as the band itself.  Zebra striped tights, beautifully teased hair and a bigger than life smile to tie it all in.  The women, on the other hand, wore leotards and leg warmers, beautifully gaudy prom dresses and enough hairspray to make the fire marshal cringe as the ladies of the 80s walk by the hot spotlights.
As with most everything in the 80s, there were a few disappointments.  Like finding out Milli Vanilli were frauds, Vanilla Ice "stole" music from other bands, and Elton John was gay...then he wasn't...then he was again. Keeping up with the traditions of disappointing 80s trends, The Mega 80s Band, although talented musicians, exposed the fact they couldn't play all the instruments needed to complete the songs. Mysterious keyboard rifs and backing vocals appeared from nowhere. They couldn't cover an entire song without breakin' into another.  A long ass medley or compilation.
All in all, extremely entertaining if you want to set back and reminisce about the times you can't remember.